[EN] Description on the Casino Game (21) 2008 film

Casino Game 21The plot of the Casino game movie starts with a senior Math major of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Mr. Ben Campbell, is accepted into Harvard medical school. Unfortunately, he is not able to raise the fee amounting to $300,000. There is a chance of getting Robinson Scholarship to pay the full costs of the scholarship but he must compete for the same with other smart students.

Back at MIT Ben is challenged with a test by Professor Micky Rosa, which he passes. Rosa finds that Ben is good at non-linear equations. At this point he welcomes Ben to his blackjack team, which includes fellow students, Fisher, Choi, Kianna and Jill. Rosa would then ensure that Ben has had the fees for the Harvard Medical School.

Jill visits him in a view to coax him to join the team. The main work of the team includes card counting. The team is in tow parts. The first part is the spotters who play the minimum bet and track down the count. They then secretly send signals to the big players, that place large bets when there is a favorable count on the table. Ben ultimately joins the team TO pay for his medical school course.

Professor Rosa takes the team to play in Las Vegas over several weekends. Ben loves the game and his luxurious lifestyle as a ‘big player”. This endears him to Jill and becomes a good friend to Rosa. However, the other teammate Fisher, feels jealous of his performance. Rosa kicks Fisher out for his behaviour.

Ben does not complete his engineering competition project as he is distracted by his blackjack team. On the next casino visit, Ben is emotionally distracted and does not recognize the signal to tell him to walk away at the count table. He loses $200,000 in the process. This angers Rosa, who leaves the team and demand Ben to account for the loss. They then agree and join up again.

The team return sand wins over six hundred thousand dollars worth of chips before fleeing with them from the Casino manager’s men. Ben and Rosa split up only for Rosa to escape in the Casino Manager’s cab. The manger demands for the bag of chips which Ben gives away. Ben joins his pre-jack team members. The movie closes with Ben telling the story to Harvard director.

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